Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Ltd.

Ausnutria Dairy (“Ausnutria” or the “Company”)was founded in September 2003 in Hunan, China, engaging in the research,development, production and sales of high-end dairy products and nutritional foods worldwide. After more than 10 years’ development, Ausnutria has developed into an international enterprise with complete industry chain around the globe.The Company was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on October 8th,2009 to be the first infant formula milk powder company listed in Hong Kong.

Up to now, Ausnutria has ten factories in the world, two in China, five in the Netherlands, two in Australia, and one in New Zealand. It has formed afull-stage nutrition system consisting of infant formula milk powder, child milk powder, adult milk powder, nutritional products, and probiotics, as well as a global sales and service network. Ausnutria has laid a solid foundation for its strategic goal of ” to become the most trustworthy milk formula,nutrition and health-care company in the world”. From China to the Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand, Ausnutria actively responds to the national dairy new policy and the “Belt and Road Initiative”, “going out” to integrate world resources to serve the global market, and to lead China’s dairy industry to the world while achieving its own development. 

Ausnutria owns 5 factories in the Netherlands, with an annual output of over 130,000 tons and a total workforce of more than 600 people. The company’s infant formula brands such as Kabrita, Allnutria, Hyproca 1897, Neolac, Mygood, which are all from the Netherlands, enjoy a good reputation in the market thanks to its powerful promotion of global sales network. Ausnutria’s investments in the Netherlands have contributed to the local economic development and improved the life quality of local people, and it is therefore welcomed and supported by the government and people of the Netherlands. Also for this reason, it has won the “Invest in Holland-Certificate of Recognition” issued by the Dutch government.

Apart from continuing to exert its influence in the globalized market, Ausnutria is also industriously working toward an excellent team of talents and a corporate culture with unique edges. The establishment of its own university, “the University of Ausnutria”, on the basis of the whole dairy industry’s developmental traits, helps to build a complete system for talent cultivation and development, with the mission of “improving staff quality, streamlining organizational performance and creating an extraordinary corporate culture”. To better fulfill its social responsibilities, the company has also founded the Ausnutria U Foundation, a charity organization that is dedicated to not just the development of the enterprise itself, but also paying its debt of gratitude to society, abiding by the motto of “advocating the civil responsibilities of the enterprise, contributing to public welfare and philanthropy, and helping our society to progress with peace and harmony”. By now, the Ausnutria U Foundation has donated a total of more than 200 million yuan to the society.

Atthe end of 2015, Ausnutria proposed the three-step strategy for the “Golden Decade”, and is now moving steadily towards the second step of “becoming a leading company in infant formula and high-end nutritional products from 2019 to 2021”. Ausnutria will overcome market uncertainty with strategic certainty, concentrating on customer service,channel empowerment, marketing, R&D innovation, production and supply,quality control, digitization and intelligence, organization and team building, brand and social responsibility actions, and enterprise development,etc. to bring long-term development for the Company and contribute Ausnutria’s strength to a healthy China.

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