BeiJing Tong Ren Tang PuDu Health Center

Beijing Tong Ren Tang Den Haag is the only store in the Netherlands that is authorised by Beijing Tong Ren Tang to conduct Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis, Healthcare Services and sales of herbs and food supplements. Beijing Tong Ren Tang is an International company founded in China with a 351 year old history.

Tong Ren Tang is founded in 1669 Tong Ren Tang was founded in 1669 by Dr. Yue Xianyang, a famous Court Physician who served as a senior physician at the Qing imperial court. In modern times the Tong Ren Tang is a well known Traditional Chinese Medicine brand and is a listed company on Hong Kong stock exchange.

Add: Amsterdamse Veerkade 66, 2512 AJ, The Hague, The Netherlands 
Tel: +31 70 743 0666