Dahua Europe B.V.

Dahua Europe B.V. plays an important role in the whole internationalization process of Dahua Group. The Company has been chosen as the European divisional headquarters and it is used as an investment platform not only in Europe but internationally. There are plans for the establishment of further entities within the current and following years. The Netherlands has been chosen as the host location of our European HQs for various reasons favorable for investments, such as financial incentives, transparency, and primarily because the principle of rule of law is highly honored. Therefore, the Netherlands has been chosen to act as a company with great significance in the ‘going global’ policy of a technologically advanced business group.

Ever since Dahua Europe B.V. was founded, we had experienced an indeed healthy development. Based on our blueprint in the future, Dahua Europe B.V.’s business will have to aim at long-term growth.

Add: Louis Braillelaan 80, 2719 EK, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands 
Tel: +31 (0)85 071 57 00 
Email: Liu_xiangying@dahuatech.com 
Website: www.dahuasecurity.com/nl