Hanergy Europe

Hanergy Europe was established in 2001 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The company’s employees include very international professionals from China, the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Italy, UK, etc. In addition to the Netherlands, Hanergy also has branch offices in Greece, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom. Hanergy Europe is committed to photovoltaic project development and photovoltaic system sales. Hanergy provides a full range of professional services to corporate partners and customers. Based on its own technology and development advantages, the company has created a unique DEP (development, engineering and procurement) development model and has multiple completed ground and roof projects in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Greece, and Italy. For example: Ede agricultural plant greenhouse roof project, Bergen ground power station project, Utrecht CBRE real estate roof project, Groningen large ground power station project, etc.

Company official website: www.hanergy.eu