J&T International Logistics

J&T stands for jet planes, Timely, and Technology , our brand name in Chinese, consists of characters “Ji”, which means“superlative”and“Tu”that stands for rabbit, an agile animal. J&T International Logistics”perfectly illustrates our mission of being customer-oriented and efficiency-based. J&T International Logistics is a sub-brand of J&T Group that actively partakes in the“ Belt andRoad ” strategy. J&T Group operates with a sophisticated business layout, powerful international logistics resources, and technical advantages. By adhering to our tenet of “logistics as the fundament , information as the basis”, and integrating premium logistics resources in the industry, J&T Group successfully established its international sector. We offer prominent E-commerce Small Package services, traditional freighting, consolidated shipping, domestic and overseas warehousing, and more. Our extensive geographic scope of operations covers various regions globally including Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas, offering multiple transportation methods including air, sea and ground shipping, and committed tobeing the world-leading international logistics provider.

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Email: info_nl@jet-logistics.com