National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center – European Headquarters

NETC stands for National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center, which is currently the biggest Tech-Transfer platform in China. NETC is headquartered in Shanghai, and has more than 30 sub-centers in China. In addition, NETC has 10 overseas sub-centers and collaborative partners in 38 countries. In year 2017, NETC set up Dutch office as EU HQ, and then other branches in UK, France and Denmark.


NETC is an ecosystem connecting the technology suppliers, demanders, funds and other 3rd party service providers. Meanwhile, NETC also runs the following organization:

1.      Shanghai Yangpu Venture, whichis the biggest incubation group in China;

2.      Shanghai International Tech. Market

3.      Shanghai Technology Exchange, which is one of the only two national licensed Technology Exchanges in China.  +31 6 36498021