Synnray B.V.

Starting from 2006 in Rotterdam, Synnray is a marketing & strategy agency focusing on China Marketing in the Netherlands. During our 15 years growth, Synnray is dedicated to build an effective connection between our clients and Chinese local markets through our professional and creative marketing & branding solutions, and gradually becomes the first Choice to reach Chinese market of most Dutch enterprises and Chinese groups. We provide Chinese Media Marketing Strategy, O20 Event, Marketing Research, Live Stream and KOL Marketing service to our clients. In last 15 years, we cooperated with many international companies and brands, which covering Food companies, Airline companies, Logistic companies, retailers, international education, and universities. , the most influential information center and online platform for the Chinese society in the Netherlands which is operated by Synnray B.V. It is a key channel for mainland Chinese to know about  the Netherlands. GGD has massive user coverage with 500 thousands registered members during last years. It covered around 85% of Dutch Chinese group. And the Wechat official account of GoGodutch owns more than 89,000 followers, which including Chinese businessmen, students, traveler’s and immigrants.

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