XEMC Darwind B.V.

XEMC Darwind BV was established in July 2009 in Hilversum, a media center city in the Netherlands. At the end of July 2009, XEMC  acquired the assets of the former Darwind Company for 10 million euros and established its own European exclusive R&D center. The company has a R&D and design team in the Netherlands. Based on the leading direct drive permanent magnet generator technology, the company develops and supplies 4 MW onshore and offshore wind turbines and has acomplete set of 5 MW permanent magnet direct drive wind turbine technology and the other 13 Patents, through the application, expansion and re-innovation of patented technology, will effectively promote the improvement and perfection of XEMC direct-drive wind turbines, enrich the product series, broaden the market coverage, achieve surpassing in the offshore wind power market, and accelerate the realization XEMC has become a leading manufacturer of megawatt direct-drive wind turbines in China and even the world.

Add: Franciscusweg 219-F, 1216 SE, Hilversum, The Netherlands 
Tel: +31881151515 
Email: info@xemc-darwind.com 
Website: http://www.xemc-darwind.com