ZPMC Netherlands B.V.

Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd.(ZPMC) is leading in the heavy equipment manufacturing as a state-owned listed company of share A and B held by China Communications Construction Group Limited(CCCG),one of top 500 companies in the world. The company, with its headquarter in Shanghai, is one of the largest port machinery manufactures in the world with 10 bases in Shanghai and Nantong, covering an area of 10,000 Chinese mu(6,666,700m2)and total coastline of 10km,of which the deep water coastline is 5km long, and loading terminals extends for 3.7km. The company owns more than 20 transportation vessels of 60,000t to 100,000 to ship large conducts in whole to the whole globe.

ZPMC has sold the heavy equipment to about 300 ports of 103 countries and regions in the whole world at present with STSs maintain the top global market share for more than 20 consecutive years. The company focuses on large port container machinery and bulk loading and unloading machinery for ores and coal, heavy maritime engineering ,large ,heavy and special steel structures , marine transportation and installation , system integration and general contract, electrical product, software development and integration, investment and financing as well as the integration services. In recent years, ZPMC has been making positive development on new business to establish the smart ports an smart city on the basis of the smart industry, to build the ecological system of smart community for the people’s livelihood and to develop the integrated capacity of the equipment manufacturing, infrastructure construction and supporting services. Meanwhile, ZPMC is actively expanding the digital business.

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