China, Europe share extensive common interests, not systemic rivals: FM

More News | 2021-03-09

BEIJING, March 7 (Xinhua) — China and Europe share extensive common interests and are not systemic rivals, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Sunday.

Wang recalled the improvement in China-Europe cooperation since last year, including the signing and taking effect of the China-European Union (EU) agreement on geographical indications, the conclusion of negotiations on the China-EU investment treaty.

Last year also saw China become the EU’s biggest trade partner for the first time, he added.

“In the face of crises and challenges, China-Europe relations have demonstrated resilience and vitality, sending out a positive message to the world,” Wang said.

China and Europe share extensive common interests, and win-win cooperation is the main thrust of their relationship, he said.

“China and Europe are two great civilizations capable of dialogue and exchanges, and they are not systemic rivals,” Wang stressed, and when embracing cooperation with an independent spirit, China and Europe can accomplish great things.

Calling China and Europe two important players in this multi-polar world, Wang said their relationship is “equal and open, not targeting any third party or controlled by anyone else.”

Regarding the China-EU investment treaty, he stressed that China will honor all the commitments it has made in the negotiations on the treaty.

All in all, China is prepared to join hands with the EU to meet global challenges, add more momentum to the international community’s drive to fight COVID-19, resume economy and tackle climate change, and provide more stability to international relations, Wang said.